Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2018

Are you looking for the best electric toothbrushes in 2018? If so, you are on the right page. When you are ready to buy your next toothbrush, it is important to buy the very best. This is something you can’t do without every single day and if you care much about your hygiene, it could be the first thing you touch in the morning.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though!

Do you know that oral hygiene is not only important for your dental health but also a critical factor for your overall well-being? According to WebMD, a leading health website for all things health, gum disease is a major health risk factor for the development of serious health diseases.

What Makes the Best Electric Toothbrushes?

Regardless of whether you want to buy a powered toothbrush or a disposable toothbrush, there are certain features you need to consider. Some of these are as follows:


The size of your toothbrush matters when you are thinking of buying a new one. The best toothbrush for you is the one that allows you to reach most surface areas of your teeth. It has been discovered that the easiest and most effective toothbrush for adults is one that is one-inch tall and half-inch wide.

Although there are larger options available, they might not be as effective as smaller head toothbrush. The reason being that they might make you skip certain hard-to-reach areas of your mouth such as the molars at the back of your mouth, especially the upper molars. In addition to these, your option should have a large enough handle. This will make it easier to grab and hold it while brushing.

Follow Expert Recommendations

There is nothing safer than receiving advice from experts. You have the ADA (American Dental Association) and your dentist to consult before you purchase a new toothbrush.

But how do you do this? Instead of only reading this guide and choose any of the products we recommend, you can also ask your dentist about the product or even ask him for a recommendation if you have learnt enough about your options from our articles. If you can’t get in touch with your dentist, then make sure what you are buying have the seal of the ADA.

These steps are necessary to ensure that the toothbrush you are buying has passed rigorous quality control tests for cleaning safety and effectiveness. If you don’t see the seal or your dentist did recommend against a particular toothbrush, then it may be risky buying that particular toothbrush.

Bristle Variety

When you are shopping for a new electric toothbrush or are in the store to replace the brush head for your electric toothbrush, you will often have the option of selecting a toothbrush with soft, medium, or hard bristles. According to expert recommendation, the safest and the most comfortable toothbrush to use are soft-bristled toothbrushes.

This has been found to be the same with majority of people who use this device. Consequently, when you are selecting the best electric toothbrush, there are certain factors that will determine which one you go for. Such factors may include how hard you brush, the strength of your teeth, how much cleaning you need done, and whether you like doing deep cleaning when you brush.

Nevertheless, it has been found that medium-bristled and hard-bristled toothbrushes, unlike their soft-bristled counterparts, can damage the protective tooth enamel, the gums, and the root surface. This is why soft-bristled toothbrushes are always a recommendation of experts, over medium- and hard-bristled toothbrushes.

Ensure it has the ADA seal

Before a certain kind of toothbrush (whether it is an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush) is given approval by the American Dental Association, it has to pass certain tests.

These tests ensure that the toothbrush has bristles that are designed with safety tips, that under normal brushing conditions, the bristles will not fall off, the toothbrush will effectively mitigate gum disease and prevent plaque build-up, and finally the handle will withstand heavy usage. All these must be available with the toothbrush in its early stages.

Do you already cringe about the formalities of these tests? That is not all. After the toothbrush has passed the aforementioned conditions, then it will be tested in an independent lab and must pass through clinical trials. Thus, in the process, it will undergo another series of tests that will determine whether it is safe for the tissues of the mouth and teeth.

If it passes this stage, then it is given full approval by the ADA, and if not, then the manufacturer needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that is safe for consumers. If all these are done to ensure your safety, why should you not consider following expert recommendations?

What Are Benefits of the Best Electric Toothbrushes?

Many studies suggest that electric toothbrushes are better for children. Although manual toothbrushes can get the work done, there are certain aspects that are limited to them. Also, if you are buying for your kid, you will find the electric models more effective. With the best electric toothbrush for kids, you can start teaching your child the best oral hygiene practices.

Most times, kids brush as a chore but if you can put a positive spin to the activity, you can encourage them to enjoy brushing – this is what the best electric toothbrushes are designed to achieve. Some of the other benefits include:

  • An electric toothbrush can help to keep your gum, teeth, and tongue healthier and cleaner.
  • It allows you to enjoy longer and thorough brushing.
  • An electric toothbrush do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is direct it.
  • Using an electric toothbrush can help you fight gingivitis, mitigate gum diseases, and prevent the buildup of plaques.
  • You can effectively reduce or eliminate bad breath with the use of electric toothbrush.
  • Electric toothbrush doesn’t have powerful vibration like the adult versions. Instead, they come with motor that have less torque power. Still when compared to regular brushes, they have the capability to remove more gunk and plaque from your toddler’s mouth.
  • Most electric toothbrush models that are designed for kids come with timers that ensure the child get used to brushing for the recommended time frame.
  • Electric toothbrushes come with soft bristles that are designed specifically for the growing tooth enamel on your child’s mouth.
  • Recent research studies have shown that electric brushes can remove 40% more plaque when used, than a regular toothbrush.
  • Electric toothbrushes can help your kid brush the right places as it gives them the coordination and direction needed.

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush


Best Electric Toothbrushes

Right from the time we are young, our parents always try to imbibe in us hygienic values such as brushing regularly in order to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Initially we are furiously supervised and taught how to brush different parts of our mouth and as time goes on, we are left with the responsibility of carrying out the chore ourselves.

At that time, there were only very few options available for us. Nowadays, there are more than we can ask for. Many retailers now carry several different varieties of disposable (manual) and electric (powered) toothbrushes. We are now blessed with so many options.

But which one is the best toothbrush? Is it the powered toothbrushes, which is getting more traction? Or the disposable toothbrush, which is still as popular as, it was before?

A manual or electric toothbrush can keep your mouth in order, keep your gums in healthy conditions and mitigate the buildup of plaques. For this, you have to regularly brush your teeth with the proper brushing techniques. The following are some of the things you should consider when you are choosing either of these two:

  • Cost. Although there are many affordable electric toothbrushes you can choose from, powered toothbrushes are more expensive than regular toothbrush. And in addition to the initial investment, you have to replace the brush head as often as possible. You also have to consider the bright side of electric toothbrushes, which is the possibility for reduction in dental bills. If you get cleaner teeth as a result of using electric toothbrush, you may not have to bother as you will pass your exams and pay your dentist less than before.
  • Effectiveness. More than 30 scientific studies have been conducted to investigate the capability of manual and electric toothbrushes to reduce plaque build-up and prevent disease. In many of these studies, electric toothbrushes differ in terms of gum disease prevention and removal of plaque. Most importantly is that a particular kind of powered toothbrush is recommended, ‘oscillation toothbrush’. This kind of electric toothbrush have bristles that go back and forth, and round the mouth during action and it is found to be more effective than manual toothbrushes.
  • Safety. Although a brush with the ADA seal has passed safety tests, it may only be safer for certain kinds of individuals. That said, if you tend to brush rigorously, which can lead to damage of your gum, electric toothbrush can help you optimize your brushing by encouraging (or force) you to be gentle on your teeth when you are brushing. Some reviewers of some electric toothbrushes have also reported that an electric toothbrush sort of ‘trained them’ to brush properly. And this advantage is only available with an electric toothbrush.

The battle between manual and electric toothbrush continue to gets more intense as the years wear on. Meanwhile more and more people are getting into the electric toothbrush bandwagon more than before, it is proper for you to learn why (link to the best of article with the benefit of electric toothbrushes).

Best Electric Toothbrushes (The Top 5 Comparisons)

1. The Best Electric Toothbrush for Adults

Best Electric Toothbrushes

The Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable Toothbrush works in such a way that it effectively, gently go in between your teeth and cater for each tooth so that the results you will get can be seen and felt by you and others. Whether you have dental work, veneers, implant material, or orthodontics, this unit will work with your teeth.

It is capable of delivering 31,000 brush strokes per minute and is safe for brushing if you have any of the conditions mentioned above. There is a gap between the handle and the brush head, which allows the BH room to move freely. The packaging comes with a 1 ProResults plaque control brush head, 1 standard Sonicare charger, and 1 Philips plaque control toothbrush.

There is an easy-start feature built into this unit to allow first timers to get used to the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush. The power of the toothbrush will increase as you get to use it more and more, a feature that is unique to this product considering we have reviewed a couple of others. If you are looking for a product that has performed well in the past, this is it.

A mechanism on the brush will tell you when you really need to change your brush head. The bristles are blue in color initially, but when they turn white that is an indication that you need to change your brush head. This will occur in a fading action of the brush head after some use. The Snap-on design also makes it easy to recharge the toothbrush.

If you are looking for a regular toothbrush that will get your teeth cleaner and whiter, this is it. In terms of performance, the Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is much more powerful and effective than the regular toothbrush you may be used to.

It is easy to get used to the way this brush works. If you are using it the first time, the firm brushing sensation and the humming noise may be new to you. But that will eventually clear out after you use it a couple of time, as you would have been acquainted with it the next time you brush.

With just a little toothpaste and about two minutes of brushing, you will get very clean teeth. And if you have used manual toothbrush all your life, you may be pleasantly surprised.

There is a generally positive feeling about this product. At the time of writing this article, there are  over a thousand reviews on this product. And out of this reviews, majority are positive reviews while the minority are negative reviews. When compared with other products we have reviewed on this list and it stays on the average.

One caveat is that the rechargeable battery of this model cannot be replaced. However, this brush should last you for a satisfactory period of time that if your battery wears out, you buy a whole new unit happily.

It may not be great, but it has performed well for many people. To read more about what people are saying about this toothbrush, go HERE!

Comparing it With Other Products

Other products are as effective as the Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable toothbrush. One of them is the Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. This unit comes with a pro timer that encourages you to brush for the recommended time frame and a pressure sensor that cautions you if you brush too hard.

Another product that is directly competing with this unit is the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries power Rechargeable Toothbrush. This is an upgrade of the Oral-B Pro 1000 toothbrush and it packs more features. It has a pressure indicator, multiple modes, and is capable of giving you a floss-like clean.

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush with lots of features and you can drop more cash, you can go with the Oral-B Pro 5000. However, if you are only looking for an inexpensive product that comes with regular features and a good performance, the Philips Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush is the best.

  • It has a charging indicator. And this one thing is what most other rechargeable electric toothbrushes don’t have. You will know when it is charging because it will show a green light blinking at the base.
  • The handle on the Philips Sonicare toothbrush has an ergonomic handle that is designed to give you a comfortable grip. With this handle, it is very easy to manipulate this toothbrush every time you brush and you should expect a very good result from using it.
  • With this unit, you should be able to clean hard to reach area in your mouth thanks to the long power tuft at the top of the brush.
  • After a period of time, the head of the brush start vibrating and rattling. And this might actually affect performance.
  • The warranty on this item is not very reliable, as some customers have complained.
  • It is less durable than some other models out there and it is somehow prone to damage.
Our Verdict
With a full charge, the Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable Toothbrush can last for up to two weeks. This is advantage as you can put away the charger for a while and continue to enjoy your toothbrush. It has a 2-color indicator that is capable of indicating or alerting you when the unit needs charging.

Moreover, it comes with a charger that is compact and small, so it will not take too much space on your bathroom countertop. Once you get acquainted with the brush, you will be able to enjoy the 2 minutes brush time recommendation with the inbuilt feature.

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2. Best Affordable Standard Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Best Electric Toothbrushes

The Sonimart Standard Replacement Toothbrush heads is a good replacement for Philips Sonicare Pro. Unlike other generic brush heads, they are not that expensive but are made from high quality materials. This is to ensure that those who want a good product can get it at an affordable price.

This brush heads are OEHHA Prop 65 approved. This means that they are made from high standard health and safety standards. It is one of the cheapest and highly rated products in its category.

The brush heads that accompanies in the packaging does not produce chemical smell. If you have ever bought generic brush heads, you know they can have this chemical smell that would make them almost unusable and even worse if you are sensitive to such smell.

The Sonimart Standard replacement toothbrush head is more than a generic brush heads though; it is specifically designed to work with your electric brush without the smell.The brush heads reportedly vibrates well as works quietly.

If you have ever considered solace in a refreshing morning brush, you wouldn’t want to play with the serenity that is needed at such period. It is easy to concentrate on the surface of the teeth that need attention without being disturbed by any annoying noise.

At the time of writing this review, there are thousands of customer reviews for the Sonimart Replacement toothbrush heads with most part being positive. Even though some customers found one or two things they don’t like with this product, it is certainly going to be a good buy. This is because majority of those who bought it have good things to say about it.

In fact, while I was researching this product, I also discovered that the manufacturer really care about their product and their customers. This is an important thing for those who would have problems with their unit due to factory defects and the likes.

If you would like to read more reviews on this product, you can get them HERE!

Comparing it With Other Products

As a customer, you have the option of looking at other products from the same category to compare price and features. One of the competing products with the Sonimart Standard Replacement Toothbrush Head is the 4pcs electric toothbrush heads for Philips Sonicare.

This is less expensive and is highly rated. These brush heads have a tight seal and have the ring built in. they are easy to clean and can work for flexcare and healthy white. Moreover, it has contoured bristles that fit naturally with your teeth. However, this model has not garnered as much positive reviews or raving customers as the Sonimart Standard Replacement toothbrush heads.

  • It is not expensive. You don’t have to spend much money in order to get a product that will do great for your flexcare. At a price less than $20, buying this unit will be a good investment as it can easily displace the performance of other generic toothbrush heads.
  • The Sonimart Standard replacement heads are powerful, has a good torque power and magnet at the bottom. They can be said to be as good as the Philips if that is your standard.
  • And finally, it is durable. This is while it has garnered so much positive and glowing reviews from those who have owned it. For a product to be cheap and durable at the same time shows that the manufacturer knows their stuff.
  • There have been cases of the toothbrush heads breaking down and whether this is a factory defect or not is still unknown.
  • One reviewer has complained that the bristles are a bit stiff. However, what we glean from those who review is that the stiffness is only as much as would be noticed, not to the extent of affecting performance.
Our Verdict
If you are looking for electric toothbrush heads that have served many other people, this is it. The performance is great, the price is affordable, and it is as good as the original Philips. Those who have used it in the past are happy they get their hands on this model because it is unlike other generic toothbrush heads they have used.

The problem with other generics is that they are of poor quality and some may even be expensive. And certainly, if a product is inexpensive, it does not have to be of poor quality – and this is the message that Sonimart, the manufacturer, is trying to pass across with this product. This does not mean that it is the cheapest in the market. However, majority of owners are happy with their purchase, and that is what is important.

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3. Best Electric Toothbrush for Receding Gums



Best Electric Toothbrushes

The Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is designed with a 16-degree angle and a round head that is able to clean deep between the tips of your kid. This is called CrossAction brush head with CrissCross bristles. Together, these two professionally inspired designs are capable of taking clearing away up to 300% deep plaque from the teeth than the regular manual toothbrush.

This not only ensures a superior clean but also means that you will have long time breath and be able to speak to your colleagues anywhere without being afraid of pouring odorous smells from your mouth.

This product has different mechanisms built into it to ensure that you brush properly, every day. It has a Daily Clean mode that operates in a 3D movement to ensure a basic cleaning every day. Then there is the pressure sensor that alerts you when you are brushing too hard. Remember, you need to brush gently in order to promote proper cleaning.

Sometimes, we get lost in the process and this can lead to accidents. But with this product, you don’t even have to think about it as the brush will stop pulsations to protect your gums when you forget to manage the pressure you are applying.

Another important thing you need to realize with rechargeable electric toothbrush is that they can serve as an ideal gift to the ones you love. If you find them useful, it wouldn’t cost too much to get it for others. Do you know that there are two advantages to doing this? First, the person you bought it for will remember you for a long time.

Why? Isn’t the toothbrush rechargeable? Yes it is. Then that means the person will own it for a long time and that will make them to continue to remember you. Secondly, it will create a real connection between you and the person you are sending it to especially if they like the toothbrush.

Comparing it With Other Products

There is an upgraded version of the Oral-B Pro 1000 toothbrush: the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. It has MicroPulse bristles that are designed to give you a superior interdental clean by reaching deep in between your teeth. With 5 different modes and a host of brush heads to replace old ones, this is a good choice for those who are willing to pay the price.

Another model worth looking at is the Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Toothbrush. It comes with a rechargeable battery, is an easy choice, and is capable of giving you a clean, fresh, mint feeling after brushing.

Unlike the Oral-B Pro 5000, the Oral-B Pro 1000 is a cheaper alternative and has almost all the features of the new version. Moreover, you don’t need a great deal of features to have cleaner teeth. If you can dole on the simple features and manage your unit well, you should get similar or better result without spending as much.

The action of this toothbrush is more precise so that it can give you more plaque removal. It has a triple zoom technology that allows it to clean deeper. Finally, this unit is able to complete dual cleaning so that you can enjoy a complete action on your teeth.

  • The Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush comes with a pro timer that tells you when you have brushed one part of your teeth for 30 seconds to move on to another part. It also alerts you when you have brushed for 2 minutes – which is the recommended dentist time for brushing the teeth.
  • It gives you more action than the regular toothbrush. It cleans more than the regular toothbrush. And it does not involve accidents as much as the traditional toothbrush we are all familiar with. It is professionally designed to give you a complete cleaning (by removing more than 100% plaque along the gum line) versus what a conventional toothbrush will give you.
  • This model comes with a dual clean head that cleans in between your teeth better than manual toothbrush.
  • There is a complaint from a previous user that the Oral-B 1000 toothbrush caused her to develop pain after she used this for a lengthened period. She confirmed that this pain stopped when she stopped using the product.
  • The pressure sensor on the toothbrush is not very effective. Even by applying pressure on the head intentionally, it will continue to vibrate and not stop.
Our Verdict
Just like the first two products here, there are several thousands of customer reviews on this product. And guess what? There are over 60% positive reviews of the Oral-B 1000 toothbrush. What does this mean to you? You don’t have to go to a salesperson to tell you whether to buy this product or not before you know that it is a good buy. If over 60% of people out of a few thousands users are satisfied, it means that the possibility of being a satisfied customer is higher for new users.

Safety: Note that it is not intended for children under the age of 3 years. You should also read the product labels for other indications that will be beneficial to you.

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4. Best Electric Toothbrush for the Money

Best Electric Toothbrushes

The Oral Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Toothbrush is capable of removing more plaque than a regular toothbrush. It has MicroPulse bristles that help to clean between teeth. It has 2-minute timer, a good one for helping you spend the appropriate period of time for a complete brush.

Like most people who have owned this will say, ‘sleepy time is over’ once you fire up this unit. It will always be as if you have having some kind of party with your mouth every morning, it is packed with life thanks to the floss action head. Your teeth won’t be as bright as a hockey player’s smile, but it will be strong and very clean.

Unlike other cheaper operated battery that you can grab from the nearest store in your neighborhood, this one is better. It will last so long you would buy another one without thinking twice. If you are like most people, you want to buy a product once and use it for several years. If that is exactly what you want, then look no further.

This model does not have a chamber that loads up with disgusting muck, plus the head is round and looks like a dentist’s equipment. This features forces you to clean each tooth at a time instead of mindlessly brushing your teeth at a time.

The results you will get each time you brush will be close to a professional teeth cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal complete teeth cleaning therapy at home instead of going to your dentist?

The truth is that when you use this device properly, you don’t have to visit your dentist for anything other than to do regular checkup. Even he/she will be pleased with you (since you will easily pass tests that will be conducted) but will not be making as much money from you.

One downside to be aware of is that there is no charging light on this model. It could have been a great feature if it had a charging light so that you know it is charging when you plug it in.

Comparing it With Other Products

Another electric toothbrush you can look at is the Oral-B 5000 electric toothbrush. It comes with a variety of head brushes that you can use to replace the original head brush when it wears out and a built-in visible pressure sensor alerts you when you are brushing too hard.

On the other hand, the floss rechargeable toothbrush comes with all the features you will need to have a good brush every time you use it. It has a powerful motor that does not stop until you have properly cleaned your teeth. It comes with an inductive charging system, which is a good addition for those who fear electricity shock.

This feature ensures that you don’t have any exposed electrical contact that you need to keep dry. Finally, it has a two-minute timer that alerts you when you have brushed your teeth for the recommended period. This helps you to effectively measure how you move the device from quadrant to quadrant in your mouth.

  • It has a rechargeable battery, overcharging is not possible, and it is backed by 30-days money back guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • This model has a FlossAction brush head. This head is responsible for reaching and cleaning the gum line. As far as customer reviews are concerned, this brush head does its job pretty well.
  • It comes with a rubber grip handle. If you have used a manual toothbrush before, you would know that it would tend to slide out of your hand. With a rubber grip, you are insured against sudden slide or improper handling of your brush
  • When the Oral-B vitality electric toothbrush is fully charged, it can go over a week with daily usage. It is recommended that you don’t charge it in between to allow the battery to hold its maximum capacity.
  • It does not have an adjustable timing nor does it have an auto shut off feature.
  • Unlike manual toothbrushes, this Oral-B (and pretty much all other electric toothbrush) cannot be used to clean your tongue properly. It only has 1/2 or 1/3 of a manual toothbrush. Therefore, if you want to ensure you clean your tongue properly, and get that minty, fresh taste, don’t throw away your manual toothbrush when you get this. 
Our Verdict
At the time of this writing, there are lots of positive reviews on this product with most very happy with their purchase, and then it shows that this product has satisfied more than a majority of buyers. With so many good reviews of this product, you can go ahead and purchase it HERE. And if you would like to see the reviews yourself just to confirm what others are really saying go HERE.

Safety: although this toothbrush gives an almost professional cleaning, it is not a replacement for your dentist so check with your dentist before you use this. While it can give you a good cleaning, it should not replacement actual flossing.

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5. Best Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

Best Electric Toothbrushes

The Oral Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Brush allows you to communicate through Bluetooth with your smartphone. It provides adequate feedback by tracking your brushing habit and providing tips that can make you a better brusher.

You can easily track your brushing habits with this brush. And not only that, if you want to share it with another person, you will both have different records set accordingly to how you both brush. The important of this is that you will be able to pinpoint where you need improvement as well as be aware of what you are doing right and doing wrong with.

With this information, you can improve on your habit where you are doing bad and continue with what you are doing right. If you have spent enough money in treating your teeth in the past, you know how important it is to have a top of the line toothbrush for cleaning them.

Even if your friends can’t understand why you are using a toothbrush that sync Bluetooth with your phone, you don’t have to be deterred, as you already know what you are after.

If you use manual toothbrush, you have to watch the way you brush, concentrate on how much pressure you are applying at each step of the way, and pray you have a clean teeth at the end of the exercise. However, with the Oral Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Brush, you don’t have to apply any pressure or be too sensitive.

The brush is lightweight. Thus, brushing is not going to be a chore but an activity that you enjoy carrying out every morning. Imagine holding your toothbrush in your mouth and finding it very easy to maneuver and push it towards those, areas that would not have been reachable with your regular toothbrush.

The downside is that the Bluetooth connection might not be comfortable for you since you have to take your phone to the bathroom, unlock the phone, start the app, and connect it to the device. However, if you feel you can benefit from the information that will be provided by the accompanying app on your phone, you can overlook this.

If you are looking for a 21st century experience, this is it. You learn how to brush or improve your brushing skills as you get used to the electric toothbrush. With the ability to charge it and share it with others, you can’t go wrong with it.

Comparing it With Other Products

As a consumer, you have the benefit of doing comparison, which is a great way of comparing prices and making sure you are making sense with your purchase.

In terms of pricing, you will get a lot of cheaper alternatives like the Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. This model is available in different color variants and 2 packaging option. In addition, it is capable of 31,000 brush strokes per minute and also encourages the two minute brushing time frame.

Another competing product is the Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Electric Toothbrush. It has a FlossAction brush head that gets in between the teeth and the gum line and most important, it features a rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

One thing that separates the Oral 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable from this two is that it has many more features that you can select from.

  • It has been clinically proven to remove more plaque than regular toothbrush. It is manufactured by a well-known, established brand.
  • The Oral Pro 5000 has an in-built Bluetooth that will allow you to connect it with your smartphone. Once connected, you will be able to get detailed information on the phone app that you can use on your phone. This is a good way of learning and improving your brushing techniques. This is a good thing as it gives you the opportunity to continue to learn.
  • It has the capacity to sense when you brush too hard and alert you. It has a round brush head with featured CrossAction for a complete and precise clean.
  • It is simple to set up and after the initial charging (which is around 12+ hours); you are ready to start enjoying.
  • There are no indicators to signify modes since this is a multi-functional toothbrush. You may have to memories the order of options and how many times you press button. If you don’t do this properly, you may have to start all over.
  • The user manual that accompanies this product is not straightforward. It includes a lot of vague details about operating this unit. And it seems that what is written on it is not specifically meant for this model.
Our Verdict
Although there are a couple of complaints from those who have owned and used this model, we found that majority was satisfied with their unit. If you are looking for a toothbrush that will perform, this is it.

The performance is above average according to customer reviews. One of the most important things we use in judging a product is how it has fair in the past. If it fairs better, then buying is easy and if not, there are many other options out there. How do you know whether this has performed really well? By reading reviews, you get yourself acquainted with the features of the product. One thing that has deterred most people from giving this their full recommendation is the price. Considering other models on the market, the price is on the high side. However, it has been able to bring along with it enough features to make the purchase worthwhile.

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The Best Electric Toothbrush (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids?

Are you looking for an electric toothbrush that you and your kids can trust? Do you want to purchase only the toothbrush that has been recommended by others? Are you looking for the product that will help develop proper brushing habit in your kids? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions, then you are in the right place.

Here, you will learn what to look out for when you are buying an electric toothbrush for your kids. You will also learn about the best toothbrushes that you can purchase for your kids now. And most importantly, you can finish this article in a sitting, hop to the online retail store we recommend and get one for your kid.

2. Why Buy Electric Toothbrush for Your Kids?

It is debated among adults whether electric toothbrush is better than manual toothbrush or not. The reason is that it does not necessarily do better than a manual toothbrush. However, if that is the case with adults, what about children? Well, the advantages of using an electric toothbrush far outweigh that of a regular brush.

Most electric toothbrushes are designed with attractive or bright colors, cartoon designs, and music or chime to encourage a child to for the recommended time by dentist.

Therefore, if you can encourage your child to inculcate the habit of brushing regularly – with electric toothbrush – it will bring increase the child’s dental hygiene. Not only that. If you do this successfully, then getting your child to do the chore in the morning and preparation for school will be easier and smooth than if you were using regular toothbrush.

However, the minimum age that a child can use an electric toothbrush is age 3. Most parents have found that most of these items don’t seem to be suitable for young toddlers below the age of 3. At that stage, there is still the need for close parental supervision to ensure proper cleansing. This means that you may have to wait till your child achieves the minimum age before trying to use it for your child.

Some tips for buying the best electric toothbrush for your kid

  • When the packaging arrives, you can have your child open it. This will cause excitement and enable the child to like the product after opening it. This way, it will be easier to recommend it to him/her.
  • You have to consider whether to buy a model with a charging station or just a battery model. The plain battery model is usually less expensive when you are buying it but you have to maintain it by buying battery for it.
  • Before you buy electric toothbrush for your kid, make sure it has the ADA (American Dental Association) seal on it. This is used to determine whether the brush is safe to use or not. If an electric toothbrush does not have the seal, then it means that it has not been objectively evaluated for safety and effectiveness by the ADA.

3. What is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Kid?

There are many products in this category that you can get for your child. Before buying the best electric toothbrush for your kid, you have to consider the price, past performance, and the brand popularity. You also need to have come up with your own criteria before you start shopping. Having all these things in place will help you to select the right electric toothbrush for your child, the first time.

Some of the best are Philips Sonicare Toothbrush HX6311-07, Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush, and the Colgate Kids Sponge Bob Powered Toothbrush.

Overall, selecting the right electric toothbrush for your child is not difficult if you follow the right steps. We hope that you like this article. If you are impressed and want to get one for yourself, you can read our reviews of adult electric toothbrushes here (link to reviews).

4. What is the Best Manual Toothbrush?

When you are shopping for the best manual toothbrush, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. These questions are important if you want to select the not just the best manual toothbrush but also the right one for your individual needs. Once this is done, you will be sure that the result will be an intact tooth enamel and healthy gum tissue.

Thing about these questions: when brushing, have you caused gum or tooth abrasion? Is cost a concern for you? Do you have a sensitive teeth or gum? Do you have gum tissue recession? And do you often experience difficulties trying to reach your upper molars?

Now that you know what questions to ask yourself, how do you recognize or go about selecting the best manual toothbrush? Well, there are many steps or approaches you can take. You can consider the following features and make sure the brush you are buying have them or some of them:

Soft Bristles. Selecting a product that has soft bristles will bring some benefits. When you use a toothbrush that has soft bristles, it is gentler on your teeth and gums, the flexibilities of soft bristles will cause them to adapt to the contours and shape of your tooth surfaces, and they can easily get below the gum line and clean the teeth more thoroughly. A toothbrush with hard bristles on the other hand, can cause damage to gum line and wear your enamel. Initially, when plaque first forms in your mouth, they are soft and if you can catch them in that condition, a manual toothbrush with soft bristles is all it takes to remove it.

Angled Bristles. The varying heights of these bristles enable them to cover more areas of your teeth thereby creating a cleaner tooth surface. They are designed in such a way that they stretch to hard-to-reach that is difficult to reach and work well on the gum lines and teeth enamel.

Brush Head. Before you choose a manual toothbrush, you should make sure that the brush head is of the optimal size. It should comfortably fit into your mouth that it is able to reach all the tooth surfaces that needs cleaning. Moreover, when it comes to toothbrush, you need to understand that bigger does not equate better. What you need may not be a toothbrush that is very small but one that can go into your mouth and reach areas that are usually hard to reach such as the molars at the back of your mouth, especially the upper located molars.

Comfortable Grip. The handle of the brush should be comfortable on the hand. It should feel like you have a firm grip on the handle because if your grip is not firm, it might slip off your hand at any time. Secondly, a curved-necked manual toothbrush will perform better as it will be easy to reach areas that are difficult to reach.

Tongue Cleaner. Now some brushes have stand-alone tongue cleaners. While others have, the cleaners built into the brush. This is a very good option on a manual toothbrush but if the brush you want to buy does not have this feature, don’t be deterred by that alone. You can still use the bristles that are used for cleaning the teeth. Just turn the bristles on the tongue, horizontally, and strike 4-6 strokes. After that, brush through the sides of the tongue back and forth until you are satisfied. This should do it. Another thing you need to consider when brushing the tongue is the far back of the tongue, which I consider a ‘grey area’.

Indicator Stripe. The indicator stripe is an important component of your brush. Because many people keep their brush far too long, it is therefore added to remind them when they need to change their brush. The indicator stripe is often made in a different color from the rest of the brush bristles. As time goes on, the color on wears out because of regular use. Once you discover that the color has worn out, that is telling you to change the brush, as the bristles will become less effective.

Whitening. This is a new feature with toothbrush. Such toothbrush has a center element that is designed to remove surface stains such as those you get from food and beverages. Note that this will not change the color of your teeth, but these stains will be removed when used appropriately. If you want to have white teeth, you need a regular professional cleaning from a dentist

There are many options for manual toothbrush out there. Most of these options actually fulfill most of the criteria we have listed above. If you meet with your dentist regularly, he/she should be able to recommend a suitable brush for you since he/she knows the condition of your teeth more than you and may likely be aware of manual toothbrush that fulfill the above criteria. If this is not an option for you, then you can choose from Oral-B Pro-Health CrossAction, Colgate Dora The Explorer and the Nimbus Microfine.

Final Words on the Best Electric Toothbrushes

The cheapest option in this list is the Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush that will give you lots of options and variety of features, the Oral-B Pro 5000 Rechargeable Toothbrush is the right option for you.

For those that want performance and professionally designed toothbrush, then the Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control Rechargeable toothbrush is the best. It is not as expensive as the Oral-B Pro 5000 but gets the job done.

For a regular performance, choose the Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. It is can give you every day brushing solutions as well as special brushing solutions – all these to give you a complete action and cleaner teeth and the reason we take it on as one of the best electric toothbrushes.